Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New adventure

Muni + huge rainstorm sucks.

My bag is soaking wet and it is now sitting on my lap. Not cool. And my jeans are soaked up to about knee high. Thank god I wore boots today. And I think there is water on my seat so my ass is getting soaked too!

This lady got on the bus and went to shake her umbrella and she shook it in another girls face - not even realizing she was there!

Plus the bus smells of wet dog and other smells that you'll thank me later for not describing.

I thought about driving to work today but figured it would be too much work looking for parking around 7 when I get home.

Haha! This lady just grabbed the handrail on the bus with a tissue. Makes me wish I had a camera phone.

and another day has placed her bag on a seat - did she not see the muni fight last week?
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