Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bag lady

Ok well today I am the bag lady I bitched about yesterday. I'm going straight from the work to the giants game so it was necessary to back a blanket, ear muffs, gloves, extra layers.

Plus, I needed to pack stuff for the gym and my lunch. Needless to say, I have a lot of shit with me today.

I ran to the bus this morning. Not just my normal jog but a full on run. At least I caught the bus, the next one was 15 minutes out. As much as I like this bus because it picks me up a block from my place and drops me off almost across the street from my office, it doesn't come very frequently.

Its hot as hell on this bus, why don't people open windows? Do they enjoy the hot humid bus and breathering other people germs? It doenst help that the windows aren't the easiest ones to open.

I wanted to tell you how last night taking the bus home was an adventure.

I was waiting for the 12 since I was going to Melissa's for dinner. I couldn't decided if I want the 10 or the 12 since I still needed to stop and pick somethings up at the market.

Traffic starts to back up and I can see the 10 bus but not the 12. The bus was slightly pulled away from the curb so I ran up and tapped on the door. Well the bus driver just starred at me. Then she let me.

She proceeds to yell @ me about how stupid I was and that I could've been hit. That SF is one of the most dangerous places and that people get hit all the time doing what I had just done. Great - getting yelled at by a muni driver.

I start to think I shouldve just waited for the 12. So what shouldve been a quick trip to the 1 in the findis we get stuck in traffic with crazy bus lady. A big rig was on its 4th attempt backing into a delivery enterence of a building. Traffic was blocked up for 3 blocks in each direction. And he was still trying to back it in. Now we are talking about a 1 way street with access to the bridge, so you can image the demand for people to get thru.

He finally stopped his multiple attemps and let some people get thru. Who knows if he ever made it.

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