Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wheels on the bus

We all know whe wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round. But why don't people open windows?

With SARs, Swine, the common cold and flu, why do people insist on sitting on a bus with all the windows closed? It's like being stuck on an airplane, well on an airplane they circulate the air.

I had another eventful morning of running to the bus. I really wanted to make sure I packed a breakfast (yogurt and blueberries) for the office, which left me with about 2 minutes according to nextmuni (www.nextmuni.com) so I ran down three flights on stairs and up Leavenworth to catch my bus. So glad I made it.

While the 12 is super convient for me to take to the office, if you miss it - your screwed.....

Speaking of the 12 I hear they are suggesting taking it off the embarcedro and into the findis. If this bus start going thru the heart of china town. I don't know what I would do. When I took the new job with Demandforce (www.demandforce.com) I was excited that I could take a bus that went around china town. While I have nothing against the people who inhabit Chinatown, I feel that the neighbor is gross. The smell, the trash, the pushing and shoving, that's just not me. But I have been told that if you want good produce go to Chinatown.

Another day in fogland, that is a benefit to working in SOMA, I increase the chances of seeing the sun. Woohoo!

For now I'm signing off unless something exciting happens between now and the office, you never really know....

Oh the joys of muni
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