Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The girl with two big bags

Let me be honest, I love bags and the bigger they are the more I love them.

However when riding muni one has to be careful about her bags and the ease of getting around with them. ( There is a point to this story, please be patient)

Recently I upgraded to an extra large bag and it holda everything. From my lunch to my palnner to my gym clothes and make up, I am a one bag kind of girl.

It shocks me to see girls on the bus with two big bags. They can barley naviagate where they are going snacking people along the way. I'd you want to make it even worse, add a backpack and an oversized bag. So while they are pushing and shoving they are also whacking people with their backpack.

Being short, it isn't uncommon for me to take a backpack straight to the face.

The girl across from me almost whipped out a small asian man as she sat down, forgetting she had a large pink bag on her shoulder.

Oh the other thing that gets me is coughing on the bus and not covering your mouth. It is the right thing to do. You cough and you put your hand over your mouth. But not on SF public transportation.
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Kristie Lauborough said...

Even better are the old guys on the 12-Folsom who have the giant overstuffed bags of aluminum cans on a stick they carry like a yoke. I honestly had to climb over some of these to get a seat one day.

See my point -