Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Fun

Pretty uneventful this morning. Packed bus - maybe because of the weather?

I have found that the later you take the bus during morning commute hours the more packed the bus gets. Also, they type of people change completly. Usually on my 755/8 am bus there are people all dressed up and look like they are off to come super corporate job.

This morning, and yes I realize it's Friday, people are much more casual. But that isn't just because its Friday. I scan the people around me and not one of them isn't in jeans.

I think it rained last night -smells like it did. Everyone is bundled up including myself.

No windows open on the bus and I could open 1 without pushing my chest into someones face for once, but the temperature is just right.

When I first moved to SF I used to wear flip flops to work all the time. But then my toes would always freeze waiting for the bus. I invested in some adorable cole haans that keep my toes nice and warm. Looking at the other people on the bus I can only wonder how many of them have cold feet.

About every other person on this bus has some form of open toe shoes on and it makes me want to ask "are your toes cold"
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