Thursday, July 23, 2009

Broken Muni

Everyone loves a broken bus. I leave my house excited that I am actually going to catch the bus and get to work on time. Well, that's not the case this morning.

As I wait on the cornern feeling the mist from this morning's fog I can only anticpate the arrival of my bus. There is a sense of excitment when you arrive at the bus stop onlu seconds before the bus arrives.

I can see the bus approaching at its previous stop. But it's not moving. Then I see the driver get off the bus and walk to the back. Great. Another day of a broken down bus. So I wait. And wait.

It finally starts moving again and right behind it is another 12. Which bus to get on? Do I get on the broken bus that is moving now and take the chance that it may break again between here and my office? Or do I take the other bus hoping that it stops?

Oh a positive note, my dilf is on the bus. He rides the bus to work with his adorable daughter and her Disney princess backpack on wheels. He doesn't wear a ring and is really attentive to his daughter so I assume he's single. Or he just let's me think that for my own pleasure. I have yet to get his name but I have exchanged a few conversations with him here and there. Bus love.

Ohh the joys of muni
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