Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday morning. Running late. No chance I am making the 12 today. And the next one comes in 16 minutes. Not gonna happen either.

So I walk quickly uphill four blocks - still sore from my work out last night and my uphill hike home.

As I walk I see the 1-California go by. Fuck. Ok they come pretty frequently so I wait for the next one.

Well the next one takes forever to get to the stop. Then it doesn't stop. Great.

Now I'm on a bus, standing, pretty sure ill be strolling into the office a tad late.

There were two cute asian kids playing together while waiting for the bus. They reminded me of me and kyle when we were younger.

Ok why are no windows open on this bus? I'd open one but I'd rather not have his face in my chest. The girl next to him has a beautiful ring and band. But she just got off the bus in CTown good luck!

I made it to the findis. Woohoo halfway there, now to catch the 10. There is always a sense of excitment when riding Muni$ you never know what is going to happen or how long it is really going to take to get you there. It really is a love hate relationship. The sense of excitment you feel when you catch a bus you think your going to miss or when you outsmart muni and get there just as soon by taking an alternate route.

On the 10 now and headed toward Soma. The driver has the heater on as if we were in Chicago in the middle of a blizzard.

Ahh the joys of riding MUNI.
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